We manufacture, install, and maintain aviaries in residential homes, nursery’s, schools, public houses, hospitals and private residence.

All aviaries are designed, manufactured, and stocked to customer specifications; we ensure highest welfare standards for the birds whilst maintaining maximum visual effects. The company is ran by two bird enthusiasts with over thirty years experience keeping and breeding all types of birds including  Budgies, Canaries, Parrots Finches and many more. Our aviaries are all ergonomically manufactured by qualified craftsmen to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Our Weekly Service

Our weekly service includes completely free installation, free health checks, all seed, food and equipment supplied free, annual timber treatment completely free and No vet’s bills.

All aviaries include storage and roosting shed. (Bespoke design as required)

  • Standard aviary size 3.2 x 1.3mtr.
  • Easy view black mesh.
  • Pressure treated timber used for construction in all aviary construction.
  • Stocked with a flock of birds.
  • Mixed aviaries available on request
  • Flight floor covering either sterilized bark or pea gravel
  • Includes nest boxes and perches, drinkers etc
  • Rodent proof flooring.
  • Fox proof mesh.